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The artist known as Least Of All (LOA), otherwise known as Matthew Vance was born in Chowchilla, CAinto a poor home with little hope for a bright future. Before he was a year old, his mother took him andmoved to Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area after splitting up with his father who was addictedto heroin. In due time he inherited a whole host of unresolved family problems and so his life was markedby multiple layers of consistent struggle, shame and hopelessness. Everything from school housemisbehavior to criminality and drug addiction have played major roles in the shaping of his identity. Whenasked about his past, LOA is usually swift to offer up his admission of shame and remorse, yet claims tohave no regrets. “These are the things that broke me and led me right into God‘s presence” is what he saysabout the road in his rearview.
Fast forward to the age of 18 and this young man was getting ready to have the first of 4 children.Three years later and he was getting married. All of this was going on while this future servant of Christ wasin and out of jail and growing progressively worse in his addictions and criminal behavior. After 5 years ofdestroying his marriage and 7 years of terrible parenting, it all came to a boiling point and Matthew askedGod to take over and change him at whatever cost. The next day he was in handcuffs once again. This time,however, would be the last. Although he was facing enough prison time to devastate his life permanentlyand Child Services had taken his kids from him and his wife, it was out of this mess that God captured theheart of a broken man. He found freedom in his cell and God answered his prayers. He was afforded theopportunity to go to rehab and was completely transformed. When he graduated his program, God grantedhim his children back and began healing his marriage one day at a time. To this day he strives to learn howto be a better husband to his wife of 12 years (with no signs of quitting) and is always endeavoring to lovehis four beautiful daughters with the same love God has shown him. His family is a true miracle formedentirely out of God’s grace.
Within a couple of years of his turning point, Matthew met the other members of the group Not bySight and they began their adventure in making music as a tool in pointing people to Christ. Though he wasalways musically inclined, he had to learn the art of making music for God’s glory from the ground up.Along the way God enabled him to reach more people than he ever dreamed with the men from Walk ByFaith Music who he says are his best friends. “It is an honor to serve the most high God with these guys”says the rapper.
It is out of gratitude, reverence and compassion that LOA cannot help but to tell people about thismarvelous God who changed the life of someone with no hope. Someone who didn’t deserve help. Someone who considers himself the Least Of All.

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