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THE BIRTHDAY GIRL,  Ms. Jade Thom is  one fortunate EZ  honoree and she is Hot! Jade celebrated her birthday at Club H A U T E, compliments of  the “Javier” as The EZ SHOW  filmed the very first episode LIVE from West Hollywood, CA last Friday evening, September 30.2011

Jade was joined by a multitude of Celebrities, loved ones and friends and she danced the night away to HAUTE Music with special guest stars that wished her many happy birthday shots to a prosperous future; with EZ and his many ventures of course.  The club was rockin’ thanks to the skills of DJ Felli Fell of FM 105.9 a.k.a. KPWR and to performances and appearances by the Party Rock Crew and Key Vous.  Jade was commended and blessed by Special Correspondent Irving C. Spivak and also received an unforgettable salute and Happy Birthday from MSgt Darryl Willingham of the March AFB,  Total  Forces Honor Guard.  What every girl deserves on her birthday, Jade Thom received!  Jade sent thanks out to all those in attendance and we do too thank you as well on behalf of Eric Zuley.

The greatest WTV highlight we captured was when Birthday Girl,  Jade, was told to “Turn It Up” by Arist Destenee who was in the house.  Jade was serenaded and “got her groove on” with Eric Zuley himself too!   Here’s how the story unfolded…..



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HUNYSWT  Your WTV Celebrity Correspondent

The EZ Show Episode by CONTINUUM Pictures

3rd 1 VideoVideograhy by Damion Jackson

JBProImages.com by Jovi Bantolo

MezaPhotographyOnline.com by Steve Meza


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